Flexible BI: Troubleshooting

In this article, we’ll go through some issues that can come up when initializing the Flexible BI template and how to resolve them.

Incorrect bearer token

"A share" is how we refer to the container for the data. A bearer token is the key or string that authenticates a recipient to the share, enabling access to the data. The bearer token is located in the config.share file.

Once the tenant ID is entered (see image), Power BI tries to connect to the share using the credentials provided.


If the bearer token entered in config.share is missing or wrong, the following error message can occur:


It could be that Power BI has not received the right credentials for accessing that share, or that a pre-existing token belonging to another share may still be in use. To handle this, try the following steps:

1. In the top menu of Power BI, select File in the top left corner.

2. Select Options and settings in the sidebar menu that appears.


3. In the options and settings tab, select Data source settings.

4. In the popup that appears, there are two available options for permissions: Data source in current file and Global permissions. If permissions exist for both options, you'll need to ensure that the global token does not overwrite the current token. To do this, select Global permissions and then Clear Permissions.


5. Next, select Data source in current file and then Edit permissions. Click Edit in the module that appears.

6. In the new module, enter your bearer token and then Save to set the bearer token in the config.share file.


7. After saving, return to the dashboard and click Refresh in the Queries menu.


Incorrect tenant ID

The same error appears if the tenant ID requested in the first stage is misspelled or incorrect. To ensure that the tenant name is correct, follow these steps:

1. Select Transform data in the Queries section in the menu bar and then Edit parameters in the dropdown.


2. A module displaying the tenant ID appears. Confirm that this is correct or correct it if needed. Then click OK and refresh the dashboard as in step 7 above.


Bearer token is not granted or revoked

If the previous steps don’t work and the same error appears, the issue might be that the bearer token either hasn’t been granted access or that access was revoked. In such case, reach out to your Voyado team.

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