The Challenges feature allows you to understand your customers’ behavior and increase their engagement in numerous ways and contexts. Challenge your customers with Engage and reward them when they cross the finish line.

Gamification and engagement are key parts in turning your customers into loyal brand ambassadors. With Engage’s Challenges feature, you can create and drive customer engagement by offering the opportunity to reach a goal together with your brand. This is a great way to encourage and reward desired actions and behaviors.

A challenge consists of a number of different checkpoints, each corresponding to a selected action or activity. When a customer has completed all activities, they have completed the challenge.

There is an almost infinite number of different themes to build your challenges around. You decide how varied you want them to be. The best part is that you can have more than one challenge running at the same time. Here’s a few examples:

  • Ask your customers to submit five product reviews where each review counts as one checkpoint.
  • Help your customers gear up for their hike and set up checkpoints representing different outdoor products.
  • Make it social and encourage customers to shop in your physical store, make a purchase online, like your Instagram page, and subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Activate a sustainability-themed challenge focused on refreshing, repairing, and recycling products—or rewarding customers for bringing their own bag for their in-store purchases.

Note that challenges and checkpoints are only added and calculated for customers of contact type "member".

Interested in giving this feature a try? Talk to your Account Manager.

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