Webinar: How Björn Borg reached a 5% conversion rate with SMS (ENG)

Listen to this webinar to hear Martina Lundberg, CRM Manager at Björn Borg, talk about how always staying relevant by working with personalization across several marketing channels is the way to go to maintain retention—and the specific results it has brought to the table.

We will dive deep into the following:

  • How Björn Borg reached a 5% conversion and achieved great ROI by working with SMS
  • Lessons learned from implementing SMS into the channel mix
  • How SMS has become one of Björn Borg's most important channels
  • How Björn Borg excels in cross-department teamwork since breaking down silos

The Swedish omni-retailer, Björn Borg, has focused on becoming the number one sports brand for people who want to feel active and attractive over the past eleven years. One could say that they have come a long way, with a whopping 47% member registration rate after a purchase, a 13.6% conversion from abandoned cart, and a continuously growing e-commerce business. Björn Borg is an ongoing success.

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