The customer journey in Vipps

The integration between Voyado Engage and Vipps is focused on Vipps’ product Log-in, which simplifies identifying, registering, and onboarding customers in physical stores. This article is about the customer journey in Vipps and Engage.

The customer journey starts with an identification in store with a QR code in the Vipps app:


The QR code is scanned by the POS and the mobile phone number is fetched and displayed in store. The customer is now created in Voyado Engage through the existing integration between the POS and Engage.

Note that Vipps will never create the customer in Engage, as this is done through the POS.

Once the customer is created in Engage, the onboarding flow starts in Engage’s automation tool, through a Custom Activity.


The API call from Engage lands in Engage’s iPaaS, and an app push is made to Vipps where the customer is asked to share data with you.


If the customer proceeds, they can sync their consents to receive email and SMS communication from Vipps towards Engage.


Once the customer has gone through with the registration process in store, all the customer data lands on their contact card in Voyado Engage.


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