Rewards in Magento

The Magento 2 extension for Engage allows Magento customers to leverage Engage as their customer experience platform, enabling a more personalized experience for end-users.

This article is about promotions in Magento. You'll find a full and more technical overview of the extension here in the Engage developer portal. If you’re interested in how to work with promotions, read more here.

As well as promotions, the extension also allows a customer to use a reward voucher as a discount at checkout. A reward voucher is a monetary discount of a fixed amount that was created from points that were earned by the customer.

Reward vouchers are also connected to a Cart price rule in Magento but of a different type than promotions. You need to create ONE master template to be connected to the vouchers in Engage. Once the extension has identified a specific customer in Engage, it will automatically enable the usage of their available vouchers.

Create a cart price rule for reward vouchers

You only need to create this cart price rule once and then have it active as a master template. The extension handles the rest. Here's how:

1. Navigate to Marketing and then Cart price rules in the Magento admin view.

2. Choose Add new rule.

3. Name the price rule in the Rule name field and set it as “Active”.


4. Set the coupon to be a Specific coupon and tick the box Use Auto Generation.


5. Set Uses per coupon to “1”.

6. Set Voyado type to Voucher.

7. Under Actions, select Voyado voucher by Apply and finish by saving the cart price rule.

Applying a reward voucher at checkout

The Magento extension supports manual input of the voucher number, which has been sent to the customer by email or SMS, into the discount code field at checkout. This automatically applies the monetary voucher value as a discount to the customer’s basket.

Once the purchase in finalized, the extension will redeem the voucher in Engage so that it cannot be used in other channels.

If you want to present all available reward vouchers to the customer, allowing them to choose which one to use at checkout, you need additional front-end development.

Redeeming reward vouchers

This setting allows you to decide at what stage in a purchase the reward voucher is redeemed in Engage.


There are two different options:

  • Redeem when the order has been fulfilled (Invoice)
  • Redeem at the order confirmation stage (Order)

If the order is not initially booked as an invoice in the Magento admin view, you should select the option Order as in the image above. This will redeem the reward voucher as soon as the order has been submitted.

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