Master control group

A Master control group (MCG) is an established tool used to measure the effect of your marketing activities over a longer period of time.

The MCG is a cross-section of your contact database that will be excluded from all commercial communication sent from Engage for a specific time (normally six months). Customers within the MCG will still receive transactional communication, e.g., communication regarding rewards or orders.

To get valuable insights, the size of your MCG is of great importance. You can only have one active MCG at the time and our recommendation is that it constitutes 5,000 contacts. Note that a contact can only be included in a MCG once.

If you are interested in activating a MCG, please contact your Account Manager as you need our help to set it up.

Analyzing the effect

When a MCG is activated in Engage, it appears as a field on contact cards which means that it is available in segmentation and in exports.

For analysis in Engage, your MCG should be saved as a Target audience. Your target audiences are available in all Engage reports so you can analyze how your MCG is behaving in comparison to your overall contact database (that is constantly receiving marketing communication from you). This will help you to gain insights about the value of your commercial communication from a larger perspective.

Use the reports that you can filter on specific time periods, e.g., Best customers to analyze overall performance and Purchase reports for insights about specific buying behaviors.

You can easily find contacts that are currently in your MCG using the segmentation criterion "Master control group" with the option "Yes/No" (exists in/doesn't exist in).

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