Value split in custom trigger automation

Value splits allow you to send your contacts down different paths of your automation based on a range of values. This article is about how to use value splits with a custom trigger.

A custom trigger is when you connect an external system to Engage and use the information provided to trigger events. An example of this is an e-com system informing Engage when articles are back in stock. Adding a value split to a custom trigger automation is a simpler way of personalizing your automations for your custom triggers.


In this example we're creating an automation for sending an email to your customers when an article is back in stock, using a value split for the different seasons. We've chosen the custom trigger (Back in Stock) and set the entry criteria.

  1. Now, click on the plus sign and select Value split.

  2. This brings up the Value split panel. Select Variant from the Create split based on drop-down menu.

  3. In the Select value drop-down menu, select Equals as the operator, enter "Summer" as the Value and click OK.


  4. Click Add to add a split for each season you want to add. Then click OK.


Now, just keep buildning your automation flow.

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