Value split in 'New or updated order' automation

Value splits allow you to send your contacts down different paths of your automation based on a range of values. This article is about how to use value splits with the 'New or updated order' trigger.

Adding a value split to a New or updated order automation means you can communicate with your customers differently according to the status of their order, their payment status or the language they use.


In this example we're letting the customer know that their order has been sent, using the value split to send an email in the language that the contact uses. We've chosen the trigger (New or updated order) and set the entry criteria.

  1. Now, click on the plus sign and select Value split.

  2. This brings up the Value split panel. Select Language from the Create split based on drop-down menu.

    1 value split.png

  3. In the Select value drop-down menu, select your first language, and click OK.

  4. Click Add to add a split for each language. Then click OK.

    2 value split.png

Now all you need to do is add an activity, such as an email, to each branch of the split. Then simply Save and Activate the automation when you're done.

3 value split.png

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