Get a marketing automation certification

Marketing automation is one of Engage's most powerful features to communicate with your customers in a timely and relevant manner. It’s also the best way to reach your customers throughout the customer lifecycle. Take the chance to become a Certified Engage Marketing Automation user in Voyado Academy.

The Certified Engage Marketing Automation user program consist of two courses:

  1. Marketing Automation – In-depth
  2. The customer lifecycle

In Marketing Automation – In-depth we look into the most important functions in the marketing automation tool—and provide several examples of how to use them. The course The customer lifecycle gives you a high-level understanding of the customer lifecycle, and how to use automations to push your members further through it.

By completing both courses, you get a well-stocked toolbox for taking advantage of the full potential of the marketing automation features in Engage. You’ll also earn your second* Voyado Engage certification to add to your LinkedIn profile.

Ready to get started? Register for an Voyado Academy account via the form here.

*Read more about the first certification level, Certified Engage user, here.

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