Learning is a process—not an event. With that as our starting point, we have created our digital training center Voyado Academy.

Have you paid a visit to the Voyado Academy yet? In there, you’ll find inspiring digital courses to get the most out of your Engage setup and boost your business.

The Academy is available to all users—customers and partners. It’s packed with useful courses guiding you through different features to support you in how to achieve desired outcome.

Explore more

We believe that when Voyado Engage’s features are introduced in a wider context, it becomes much easier to understand the platform and its full potential. The main purpose with the courses in the Academy is to inspire you to explore more of Engage.

Every course can be consumed on your conditions: anytime and anywhere. They're all free and possible to revisit as many times as you need (or want). Keep an eye on the course Catalog, which we regularly fill with new content about Engage and its capabilities.

Go through the courses at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. Learn how to optimize your ad spend for growth, use our predictive scoring model, optimize your testing—and much more.

Get certified

The goal has always been to make Engage easy to use. By taking the course Certified Engage user, you will learn more about how to master its features. This, in turn, will make you excel in creating personal and relevant communication and customer journeys. Click here to read more.

There’s also the opportunity to become a Certified Engage Marketing Automation user, by taking the courses Marketing Automation – In-depth and The customer lifecycle. This article tells you more.

Ready to start learning? Sign up for Voyado Academy via the form here.

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