Sustainable post-purchase communication

Use your post-purchase emails to inspire your customers to take care of their new products and keep making sustainable choices. Keep customers informed and engaged, address any issues that may arise, and build a positive relationship with your customers.

Email is not only an excellent tool for improving the customer experience after a sale has been made, informing about the purchased product and build on your relationship. It could also be the perfect channel to start communicating about your sustainability work in more detail, encouraging your customers to continue to consider sustainability for their next purchase.

Engage offers the possibility to use the data in your receipts to help you create this communication.

This article covers a few examples of how you could implement this into your after-sales emails to enhance the customer experience. By including these elements in your emails, you can not only thank customers for their purchase but also educate them about the environmental benefits of your product or service.

Send a “thank you” email

Send a personalized “thank you” email immediately after a purchase has been made, emphasizing the environmental benefits of the product or service. This simple gesture can help build customer loyalty and leave a positive impression.

Provide helpful information

Provide valuable information about the product or service, such as user instructions, warranty information, or maintenance tips. It could also include information on how the product or service is sustainable, such as the materials used or details about the production process.

Call to action

Encourage the customer to continue making sustainable choices in the future. You could suggest signing up for a newsletter on sustainable living or visiting your website's sustainability page. Another idea would be to inspire the customer to share their purchase on social media, along with a pre-written post that emphasizes the sustainability aspect of the product or service.

User guide and customer support

Another way to communicate is to send tips on how to use the product or service in an environmentally friendly way, such as ways to recycle or reduce waste. You could also include a link to your customer support in the confirmation email to facilitate for customers to get help if they have any questions or issues with their purchase.

Send follow-up emails

Send follow-up emails to check in on the customer's satisfaction with the purchase. This can give you an opportunity identify any issues, address them, and improve the quality of your products.

Request feedback

Use email to request feedback on the purchase or the overall experience, you can use this feedback to improve the customer experience in the future. It could also be a link to a survey, asking for feedback on how the company can improve the product or its sustainability efforts.


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