A new SMS pipeline for accelerated speed and control

October 2022

The SMS send-out process has been improved to serve you more control and better experiences for your recipients.

Accelerated speed for urgent SMS messages

Some SMS messages, like one-time passwords or registration messages, need to be delivered as soon as possible to secure a good customer experience. With Voyado’s new SMS pipeline, send-outs with only one recipient will therefore get prioritized and take a more direct route to avoid getting stocked behind large volume send-outs.

Reduced load on your e-com site

The SMS channel is a fantastic way to drive conversion and traffic to your site. It works so well that it might even result in more traffic than your site can handle. To minimize risk, it’s now possible to control your sending speed and set it at a lower pace e.g. 100 000 messages/hour. To adjust the speed limit, please contact support.

Increased options for SMS personalization

We have added some new personalized field options for SMS messages and Voyado now supports the same set of personalization fields for SMS as for emails. 

Click here to see available personalized fields.

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