Automation features that will increase your productivity

October 2022

We have just released some game-changing updates to the automation tool to help you become more productive than ever. From today you can:

  • Add a split in the middle of a workflow. It’s now possible to add a new split wherever you want within a workflow. Just choose where to place your split and then add your new activities.

  • Move splits around within a workflow. You can now modify a workflow without having to redo large parts of it. With just a click, you can drag and drop a branch to a new area of your workflow.

  • Merge two branches into one. Instead of having two separate branches containing the same activities, you can now merge those two branches into one. This will clean up your workflow and make it much easier to get an overview of the activities as well as update your content.

  • Minimize branches for a better overview. By minimizing parts of your workflow, you’re now able to reduce clutter and focus on what you are working on right now.

  • Exit customers from a workflow. Use the new activity “Exit workflow” to remove customers from a workflow at any point. This is perfect, for example, for when customers haven't completed their registration or responded to a campaign. Uninterested customers should not be spammed!

Read more about how to use the new features here

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