Working with current interests

When you have both Engage and Elevate 4, you can access the Current Interest tab on the contact card. This is an Evolve feature requiring Elevate 4 and Engage.

Current interest is an Evolve feature, read more about the prerequisites and more details here.

A contact's current interests are displayed in a designated tab called Current Interest. Here you can find the top three entries for each concept as long as there is sufficient aggregated behavioral data. The data presented will change over time, recalculated on a daily basis according to a scoring mechanism.


For each concept you see a breakdown of the top brands, occasions, and product types:

  • Rank
  • Name
  • Last interaction
  • Number of interactions

Interest calculations

A user's current interest is calculated based on the following event types:

  • Search: When the visitor searches for a product
  • Product page: Whenever a visitor views or enters a page with a product (like a PDP)
  • Add to cart: When a product/SKU is added to the cart
  • Payment: Every time the visitor purchases a product(s)

The events are enriched by Elevate and maped to three different concepts:

  • Brand is provided in the product feed.
  • Product type is determined by Elevate and based on its understanding of the product from its attributes.
  • Occasion is determined by Elevate in the same way as Product types.

The scope for interest calculation is set to a timespan of 14 days. Events are added and interests are recalculated daily. An event will gradually lose impact the older it gets and is discarded entirely after 14 days.

Using current interests in segments

Current interest is a condition in the segmentation tool and automation conditional. When selected the three concepts: brand, occasion, and product type appear. If such a concept is added, you can search for specific entities within that concept. Read more about the segmentation tools here.


The current interests for each contact are recalculated on a daily basis according to a scoring mechanism. As such, the segments and conditions created, can be considered dynamic as the interests of the contacts change over time.

Current interest in emails

You can use the interests as personalized fields in the email editor. The emails you send can now relate to the overall interest of, for instance, a target audience. Read more about personalized fields in emails here.

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