Reports in the Power BI template

Once you’ve accessed the Power BI template, you have several premade reports to elaborate with in Power BI desktop. You have full ownership of the reports that you create and can share them as you please.

When you open the file for the first time, you are prompted to enter your credentials in the form of a tenant ID and a bearer token. Read more about how to access these here.

Power BI desktop can be downloaded from Microsoft here.

Please note that Voyado are not experts or consultants in Power BI and do not provide education or services related to Microsoft Power BI. There are many courses and tips on how to use Power BI on Microsoft’s official learning website.

The Power BI template contains a generous amount of different premade reports. If you're interested in accessing these, contact your Account Manager.


Sales and store report

This report provides sales data on products and product categories as well as purchase locations. You can search for specific products and see how much of the total revenue that they have contributed with. You may also choose date ranges to see this data in a specific time span. This is useful to follow up specific campaign periods.

Contact base report

The contacts report presents your contacts database. Here you can view how many contacts are currently in your database as well as the growth and prognosis of the growth onward. You can filter this report on Target audience and contact type as well as adjust the date range. The report also gives you a table where you can follow your contact database month by month. By default, a number of KPIs are presented but you may of course add other KPIs if you wish.

If you wish to filter or group metrics in this report on consent, just use the consent data found in the tables to the far right.

Send-outs report

This report is an overview of messages that have been sent through Engage. You may set the date as you wish to see the KPIs for specific periods. You also have a table presenting data on a monthly basis for better reporting.

Attribution on send-out report

The attribution report gives you data on how your send-outs have performed in terms of sales. You may choose attribution model and view the results in this report.

Promotion report

Use the promotion report to check out how your promotions have been used and the revenue that is accumulated to the purchases where a promotion was used.

Rolling 12 report

If rolling values is what you are looking for then this is the report for you. In this report rolling values are prepared using Power BI measures. It may take some time to load but should give you what you are looking for.

Current store report

Engage has the concept of “Current store” that is an RFM calculation that connects each contact to a store that they currently frequently shop in. This report gives you stats based on a contacts current store. You may of course use current store where you see fit by adding this in any of the reports.

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