Boost by Audience

Boosts by Audiences are used to boost or bury selected products in a market for target audiences from Engage. This is an Evolve feature requiring Elevate 4 and Engage.

Boosts by Audiences are useful for cases such as:

  • Promoting upcoming external campaigns for a specific audience
  • Personalizing the customer experience based on customer lifecycle
  • Promoting certain brands or types of products based on customer data

Boosted products will gain positions in search results, category pages, and other locations where promotions are supported.

How to set it up

Most of the following actions are performed in Elevate, but to understand the entire workflow, here is an end-to-end overview.

  1. Create your segment in Engage (or use an existing one).
  2. In Elevate, create a boost and include the products you wish to either boost or bury. Click Save.

  3. Select your Engage segment by clicking Apply to target audience and tick the box for the target audience that you wish to use for the promotion/demotion.

  4. Finish by clicking Save.
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