Working with abandoned cart automations

Many e-commerce sales are not completed as customers don't go through with the final step—the actual purchase. An average online business misses out on over 75 % of potential sales due to people abandoning their carts. Therefore, decreasing cart abandonment is a reliable approach to recovering revenue that otherwise had been lost.

An effective way to avoid lost revenue, and consequently increase the conversion, is to remind the customers of the forgotten items a few hours or days after abandoning the cart. This strategy has been proven successful by many retailers—statistics show that these email reminders typically have an open rate of 50 %, and usually 10 % of customers come back to complete the purchase.


Before you can start sending out abandoned cart emails, there are some things you need to have in place.

Voyado’s tracking must be implemented, either through script or tracking API

Web behavior tracking lets you collect data on contacts from your website based on their browsing activity, including abandoned carts. Read more about web tracking here and about the script itself on our developer site.

Product feed

Product information for the email comes from a product feed. Read more about it on our developer site. Talk to your Voyado contact if you need to implement a feed.

Email module

Design a nice-looking email module and reach out to your Voyado contact. Our best tips on how to create successful abandoned cart emails can be found here.


Finally, you need to build the automation flow triggered by an abandoned cart. Read more about how to build automations and how to trigger it based on an abandoned cart. If you need to communicate your message in multiple languages take a look at this article about value splits.

Verify functionality

Make sure you verify the implementation of the tracking script and that cart changes are passed on to Voyado as expected. Read more about how to verify the tracking implementation and common issues here, and reach out to your contact at Voyado if you need any assistance.

Randomized split

A randomized split is a great way to create a test within an automation. The purpose is to divide incoming contacts into two or more groups that will continue on different paths. You can easily build different chains of activities for each path and follow up on how your contacts react to the different versions. Read more here.


Want to know more on how to get started? Contact your Account Manager.

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