Working with different ways to treat and reward your customers always pays off in the end. Engage offers a number of opportunities for this.

The main reason to work with Engage’s different promotions is that you’re able to send them out at the best possible time and via the channels that are best for your customers. It’s easy to automate and still personalize your communication with the accessible tools in the platform.

Which promotion type you can use is dependent on your specific Engage setup. Talk to your Account Manager or send an email to if you're interested in using Engage to create and send promotions.

Below is a list of all available promotion types. Click the links to learn even more.

Code promotions

Code promotions are mainly used for online shopping, where there’s usually a field to enter discount codes at the customer checkout.

You can create code promotions with unique codes for each recipient, or the same code for everyone. The codes can be date-controlled or valid until further notice.

Multichannel promotions

Multichannel promotions can be set up to be redeemed both in-store and online. Use them to reward customers, base them on previous purchases, or assign them based on any type of customer data. This is an excellent way to stay relevant to your customers.

It’s easy to create and assign multichannel promotions to segments and contacts in Engage. Therefore, they’re also referred to as personal offers.

Mobile swipes

A mobile swipe is a promotion form that is primarily communicated via SMS, either via manual send-outs or via automations.

You simply communicate a link that leads to a designed mobile page that presents the actual offer with a swipe to redeem.

Reward vouchers

If you have a reward program managed in Engage you can use the promotion type Generate reward vouchers.

You convert reward points to vouchers manually and, depending on how your voucher model is set up, you either empty all earned points and translate them into a corresponding monetary value or sum up points based on a step model and then send out vouchers with fixed amounts.

Extra reward points

The promotion type Extra points per purchase can be used for special campaigns, given that you’re running a reward program managed in Engage.

For example, you can promote specific product categories and treat your members to 200 extra reward points when they buy something from those categories.

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