A mobile swipe is easy to set up. This article contains all you need to know.

Create a new mobile swipe

  1. Click Promotions in the left-hand menu and choose any of the available options.
  2. Click New promotion in the upper right corner and select Mobile swipe.
  3. Make your settings as below and finish by clicking Save.

Name it

The names are primarily for internal identification in Engage and the POS window, but they're also displayed as preview headers in some mobile client's SMS inbox. Make sure that it first and foremost looks good for the end customer.

Validity setting

The validity can be handled in slightly different ways:

  • The start date is mandatory. If you set today’s date, the campaign will be valid from when you save it (but the customer doesn’t know about it until you send it out to them). If you set a future start date, the offer cannot be communicated or accessed via message, automation or the Engage POS Accelerator until the start.
  • The end date (Valid through) is not mandatory. It's possible to have an offer active until further notice and set an end date later. (If you want to end the campaign immediately, you set a date that has passed.) Remember to be as clear as possible in your communication with the customer.
  • Limit validity period from the assign time is mainly used when the same campaign is to be communicated via several mailings, e.g., when used in an automation. If you, for example, assign a promotion with a one-day validity it will be valid the day of the assignment and until 23:59:59 the day after.

An assignment of any promotion will only look at actual days (24 hours). This means that a promotion with a general end date will be active until 23:59:59 on that specific date.

Headline and promotion text

The promotion text is what meets the customer as they click the link you’ve sent. It's possible to use personalization in the text, but then you need to know exactly what the field is called in Engage.

Select image

Choose an image for the promotion page either from the image archive or by uploading a new one. When you have selected the image, you can crop it in the swipe template. Both height and width are set as absolute, so it’s only possible to crop proportionally. Crop by dragging the cursors until the desired subject appears.

To avoid heavy loading pages taking unnecessarily much mobile data for the receiver and load slowly, we recommend that you stick to a maximum size of about 250 Kb per image.

GIF animations

You may use GIF animations on your swipe pages. It is important to know that the measure must be the exact same as the picture dimension in the template. Otherwise, Engage tries to compress/optimize or cut the GIF, resulting in its failure to work. A standard measure is 750 px in width & 400 px in height but feel free to check it with us if you are unsure.

Remember to preview!

Preview and make sure that all information fits in the area shown. As the mobile screens grow in size and resolution with the technology development, you should make a habit of always sending a test to your own mobile phone to ensure that all information fits on the screen. The preview won't be displayed until you have filled in all required fields and saved the promotion.

Create the SMS message with link 

Enter a text to have your recipients press the link. Keep in mind that [[pageUrl]] must be included in the text, otherwise the recipient has no opportunity to reach the offer. If deleted, you won't be able to Save and Send. But you're free to write any text you want.

Try to keep it short, since you'll be charged for two SMS messages if the total number of characters exceeds 160 characters (and three if you exceed 320 etc).

Engage warns you when once the size is exceeded, but when the text contains a personalization field (in this case [[pageUrl]]), the content of the field is unknown. Thus, the exact number of characters cannot be calculated.

Manual instructions

Add necessary instructions for the in-store staff that will appear on the member’s contact card. This applies to those who use the POS Accelerator.

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