Once you’ve set up a mobile swipe, there are two ways to assign it to your customers. Either do it directly after creating the promotion or add it in an automation.

Send mobile swipes from the promotion page

Sending from the actual promotion is easy once you Save your mobile swipe settings in the upper right corner.

Keep in mind that it's not possible to schedule send-outs in this mode. Thus, you cannot send a mobile swipe with a later start date.

  1. Make sure that your mobile swipe is active.
  2. Click Send in the upper right corner.
  3. Scroll among your Segmentations, Target audiences, Labels, and recipients of Previous messages, or go to the Search tab to create a new recipient group.
  4. Finish by clicking Send.

It is possible to make multiple send-outs for the same campaign. However, if you send a mobile swipe several times to the same number, the recipient will have several offers to redeem.

Note: It's possible to send two offers to the same mobile number, which may be relevant when several people share the same number (mobile number is not a unique value).

Send from an automation

An active mobile swipe can always be sent via an automation. However, there are some details to consider:

  • Make sure to limit the validity period from the time of dispatch.
  • Make sure you don’t finish the campaign without also removing the mobile swipe from the automation.
  • Remember not to enter the validity period in the Promotion text field. The correct validity period is automatically added at the time of dispatch.

First, you need create the automation by clicking Automation, choosing New automation and selecting an entry trigger. Once this is done, here’s how to add the promotion to the flow.

  1. Click the plus sign, choose Activity, and then Send mobile swipe.
  2. Select the promotion in question and save by clicking OK.

Recipients and Redeemed promotions

When one or more send-outs have been created, the number of recipients is displayed under Recipients in the left column by the promotion name, and those who have used the offer under Redeemed promotions.

If you use the Engage POS Accelerator, the campaign will appear with the set internal name on the contact card. The promotion can be redeemed by the cashier and will then also be redeemed on the customer's promotional page and vice versa.

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