Beta - Visualize a contact's path in an automation

We have an open beta in Automations right now that lets you see exactly what path a contact has taken in your automation.

We would like your input before developing it further. 

Sign up by sending an email to

This is how to do it

Step 1 – finding your contact

Locate the contact whose path you’d like to see. Either via an e-mail received, an assigned label or other means.

Go to that contacts contact card and check the URL. While on the first page “Overview” the url should look like this:


The highlighted part is that contacts unique id, you’ll be needing it in the next step!

Step 2 – search for starts

Head on over to the automation your contact has been in and enter it.

In the menu (top right) there is a new option.


In the next dialogue, input the id you fetched from the URL and hit search.

If a contact with the corresponding id has entered the automation a list of starts will be displayed.


If the contact has entered the automation several times the last 10 will be displayed.


Step 3 – looking in the automation

Click the occurrence you wish to see in the automation.


The activities the contact passed will be highlighted.

You can now close the windows and scroll around in the flow or clear the highlighted path and perform av new search.



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