Webinar: How Hemtex gained a 190% increase in new contacts using Redeal (ENG)

A 190 % increase in contacts sounds impressive, right? But that is not the only increase in numbers Hemtex has gained through their partnership with Redeal and Voyado Engage.

Listen to Magnus Axelsson, Head of CRM & Campaign at Hemtex, talk about how Hemtex successfully increased their contact base and turned an outstanding share of them into recurring shopping members.

We will dive deep into the following:

  • How testing different ways of recruiting contacts on the website and in-store will grow your member base
  • How Hemtex successfully have turned their new contacts into shopping members
  • How Hemtex is tapping into the power of customer satisfaction by engaging their happy customers—utilizing referrals
  • How Hemtex is planning on the next steps for further contact and member base growth
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