Using the trigger 'Scheduled selection'

With a scheduled selection you can schedule a trigger based on an entire segment. The segment can be based on all data accessible via the filtering tool (such as contact fields, transactions, interactions in emails, promotions etc.).

As soon as you activate the automation, all contacts that match the selected criteria will enter the flow. The trigger considers historical data, in opposition to other default triggers that only include contacts that match the criteria from the activation date.

To use Scheduled selection, the first thing you need to do is reach out to the Engage support team. Since the trigger considers historical data, activating the automation may result in a massive number of included contacts from day one. The support team will monitor the selection to ensure your desired automation doesn't get hick-ups.

Before they get going, the support team need information about your desired entry criteria for the automation.

The crucial information

The entry criteria define the timing of the automation as well as what contacts should be included.

The Scheduled selection entry criteria include the following headlines:

Start automation when

a) Select a start time and date.
b) Select how often the automation should start:

  • once a day
  • once a week
  • once a month
  • once a year
  • once [ever]

The contact must fulfill the following criteria

This is where you select contacts to include.

To provide this information to the Engage support team, we recommend using the Filtering tool and taking a screenshot of the selected segment. Otherwise, please provide a detailed description of the segment.

Start frequency

Choose how often a contact should enter the automation. Please provide your desired start frequency.

As soon as the support team are done setting up the entry criteria, it's time for you to start building the automation flow. Check out an example here.

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