Duplicating modules in emails

When creating an email to send to your customers, you might want to have several modules in the same email all using the same layout, appearance and filters.

By setting up and then duplicating an email module, then all you need to do is make any changes, for example to images and text, and save it.

This is done as follows:

  1. In the email editor, add a module and apply all desired settings. In this example two of the buttons have been removed and a link has been added to the remaining button.


  2. Next, hover over the module and click on the Duplicate module button.


  3. An exact copy of the module is added below. This module can now be edited.


You can duplicate any module any number of times, simply by clicking the Duplicate module button again.

This will help save you time and ensure that all of the modules you use have the same look and feel.

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