Personal offers in SMS

Personal offers are a fantastic tool for building true customer loyalty. Utilize the power of personal offers and create a truly personal experience with a personalized SMS.

"Your personal offers"

By showing your customer their current personal offers in your marketing SMS you can create the feeling of a "one on one" dialogue. This is a great way to drive sales, but also a powerful way to stay relevant and build a personal relationship with each customer.

Adding multichannel promotions to SMS

To add a multichannel promotion to an SMS, do as follows:

  1. In the Content section, click on Personalization and then Multichannel promotions.

  2. Select the promotion you wish to include in the SMS.

    The promotion fields are added to the SMS.


  3. Delete the fields you don't want displayed, making sure not to delete the code included in the field.


  4. The promotion is now added to your SMS. This is how it will look for the recipient.


Read more about multichannel promotions here.

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