Webinar: How 1st party data will save you in a cookieless world (ENG)

Schrems ll, the death of third-party cookies, GDPR, and data regulations. These are words we hear and read, everywhere we turn. As scary as it may seem – we believe that the future can be bright and shiny if you’ve got the correct facts and an open mindset for change.

Listen to Felix Kruth, Product Director at Voyado, and Cecilia Lindström, Head of Legal at Voyado in this webinar and learn how to manage this new reality and create a better (and more compliant!) customer experience. 

You’ll get a rundown of:

  • The latest data regulations
  • Latest update on Schrems II
  • Requirements for Online Ads
  • What to do without 3rd party cookies
  • The power of first-party data
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