Tips for successful abandoned cart emails

With Engage, it's easy to set up an abandoned cart automation with email reminders to motivate customers to go on with their purchases.

Abandoned cart emails are easy to create and work like a charm when you want to recover lost revenue. There are some crucial things to include in the emails before you send them out—here are a few tips.

A “this is what you left” reminder
Always display what your customer left in the cart in a visual and compelling way and hand them a link that takes them back to the cart. Make sure to tempt the customer with other relevant products that they most likely will love as well.

Eye-catching email copy
The email copy should be snappy and clear enough to entice customers to complete their purchase. Make sure to write a click-worthy subject line to get people to open the email.

Motivational CTA buttons
When it comes to CTA copy, use clear and concise text. Why not test different CTA texts to see which resonates with your specific audience?

Timing is everything
Don't send your abandoned cart emails too soon after someone left without completing a purchase—and on the other hand, don't wait too long. Once again—testing is your best friend.

Encourage with a discount
A lot of customers abandon their carts because they realize the final price got too high. The easiest way to bring them back could be to offer a sense-of-urgency discount.

Offer help with the checkout
Why not end your email by offering help to customers who run into issues at checkout?

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