Follow up on NPS with a value split

NPS is a quick way to see how customers feel about your brand without asking them to fill out lengthy surveys. And when you get the answers, you need to act on them.

You can do this by setting up an automation to follow up on the NPS survey. Working with a value split in your automation gives you the opportunity to act on all scores in one automation.

How to work with value split in an NPS automation

  1. Choose the trigger Answered an NPS survey, give your automation a name and description, and assign a tag to it.

  2. Edit the entry criteria and set up the specific conditions. In this example, we choose to only act on contacts that are reachable by email and to include contacts with an NPS between 0–10. Save the settings.


  3. Click the plus sign and set up a time delay if you want to act on the NPS scores within a specific time range.

  4. The next step is to add the value split and divide the contacts into separate paths depending on their given NPS scores. Click the plus sign and choose Value split.

  5. Start by choosing a value from the drop-down menu under Create split based on. In this example, the value is NPS between 0–10 since that’s the entry condition for this automation.


  6. The next step is to add the different operators to set up the splits. In this example, we choose to have three groups with values between NPS 0–6, 7–8, and 9–10. This means adding three different operators with different Value and Upper limit value. When done with the set-up of operators, click OK to save.


  7. The value splits are now all set up and ready to divide your contacts into the correct splits. There will always be a default split set up for contacts who don't match the split values, but in this specific automation no contacts will end up in the default split since the added splits cover all contacts. Now it's up to you to act on the scores and communicate with your contacts in a relevant way.


  8. When the content and activities are in place, activate the automation.

Interested in learning more about value splits? Read about it here.

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