Prepare your file for import

The import function is of great use when you want to import new contacts, if you want to group contacts with labels, or when updating existing contacts using a CSV file.

Follow these general steps when you prepare your file:

  • The file type requirement is CSV. When you save your file in Excel make sure to "Save as" CSV (comma delimited).

  • The file must include a column for the key field (the required field for a specific contact type).

  • The contact import validates on primary key but doesn't have any validation on unique attributes, meaning the CSV importer will not check if any contacts share a unique attribute. Make sure to remove all duplicates for both key and unique attributes before importing a file.

  • Separate different contact types to avoid duplicates.

  • The file should include headers so you can map the right receiving field in Engage (this can be changed manually during the process if the match is incorrect).

  • Use labels. A good habit is to always add a column in your file with a unique label, you can always delete this later in Engage. It is very helpful if you quickly need to find your newly imported contacts.

Follow these steps for specific fields:

  • Multiple values in one field must be separated with a comma (i.e. label1,label2,label3).

  • Phone numbers should always begin with the country code or +. Phone numbers missing the country code will be interpreted as a phone number from your standard region.

  • The date of birth must be 8 digits with dashes (for example 1995-12-07).

  • Personal identification number for Sweden can be 10 or 12 digits, with or without dashes. A Finnish Personal identification number can be 11 digits, with or without dashes.

  • Gender must have the format Male/Female with a capital letter or be left empty. (Please note: This field should not be included if your settings allow the Personal identification number to set the age of the contact automatically.)

  • Recruited store must be entered with the store's external ID and the header name of the column must include "ID". (Please note: If you import contacts with recruiting store, the favorite store in Engage will automatically be set as the same store.

  • The country association must be entered according to standard country codes: SE, FI, NL, DE

Read about how to manually import your file here. 

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