How to navigate in Targeting

Segmentation is the core of customer experience management and the key to boosting your sales figures. In the Targeting menu, you can access the Segmentation tool, follow the progress of your Target audiences, manage and follow your Segmentations, connect to, and synchronize your Segmentations or Target audiences to Google and Facebook, and manage your labels.



Segmentation tool

The segmentation tool is used to identify and create Segmentations and Target audiences based on all the data you have stored. Read more about working with segmentation here.

Target Audiences

You can save your long-term, strategic segments as Target Audiences so that you can follow them over time and analyze them against your KPIs. Read more about working with Target audiences here.


The Segmentations menu has three sections: All saved segmentations, My saved segmentations and My recent segmentations.




All saved segmentations

This shows all segmentations saved by all Voyado users at your company with the setting Global.

My saved segmentations

This shows all segmentations that you have saved.

My recent segmentations

This shows you your 200 most recently searched segmentations.

Finding your segmentations

At the top of all three of the options listed above is a Search function and a dropdown menu to filter segmentations by Tags.


Use the Search function to filter the results based on the name of the segmentation. Use the Tags dropdown menu to filter on one or more tags. The list will display all segmentations that have the selected tag(s) attached to them.

Online ads

Online ads is an easy way to synchronize segmentations and target audiences to Google and Facebook to improve your return on advertising spend. In the Online ads menu, you can access and connect your Ad accounts and synchronize External audiences. Read more about working with Online ads here.


Labels are a great way to organize your contacts. Saved segments in Voyado update automatically as contacts meet the right criteria. Labels, however, are like static segments that you can set up and update as you wish. In the Labels menu you can Add, delete and edit your labels. You can read more here.

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