If you're about to build multiple automations with similar journeys, we recommend that you create a draft and make copies of it. This is a real time-saver since you don't have to rebuild every chain of events from scratch. Just make sure that you change the content in each automation.

Copy an automation

1. Go to the automation you want to make a copy of and hover on it.

2. Click the three dots and choose Create a copy.

3. Give the automation a new name and description and click Save.

4. Start editing your automation and activate it when you are done.

Here are some use cases for when to use this feature:

  • If you work with multiple markets and want to build customized journeys for each market.
  • If you work with multiple brands in the same loyalty program and want slightly different customer journeys based on the brand.

Copying an automation differs from setting up a new version of an automation. Read more about different versions here.

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