Edit and activate an already active automation

You can easily edit an active automation by clicking on the edit button in the top right corner. When it's time to save your new changes, you can choose to do it in three different ways.

Overwrite the current automation workflow

When you overwrite the current automation workflow, collected statistics and history may be affected. Depending on your changes, delays and statistics for activities like emails and SMS may be affected.

Create a new version

A new version of your automation workflow is created. Your changes are saved as a new draft and won't affect the current workflow. Trigger and entry criteria are shared.

Create a copy

A copy will be created and saved as a new automation in Drafts. Read more about how to copy an automation here.


Activate a draft when an active version already exists

An automation can consist of one or several versions but you can only have one active version of your automation. In practice, this means that when editing an active automation, you can create a new version and save it as a draft. When you have decided to activate your draft, you need to decide what to do with the pre-existing active workflow:

  • Finish the active workflow
    Contacts within your active automation will be allowed to complete the workflow.

  • Archive active workflow
    Contacts within your active workflow will be stopped where they are in the workflow and will not be allowed to finish.

Read more about versions here.


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