Webinar: Get started with targeted communication (SWE)

People are talking about relevance and customer insight on all fronts, and it has long been known that personal communication has a better effect than the old "everything to everyone" strategy. Today's system gives us good insights into customer profiles and behaviors. We know everything from what they do online, how often they shop, what they buy in stores to where they live, and what kind of offers they appreciate.

All data gives us plenty of opportunities, but despite the abundance of tracks, it can still be difficult to get started. Join us on our webinar where we will guide you through opportunities and provide tips on what data can be used to create targeted communication.

In this webinar you will learn things such as:

  • Why data is the new oil

  • Correlation between relevant communication and profits

  • Who you should target offers towards

  • How to use RFM for segmentation

  • Create personal communication

  • and so much more...

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