Workshop - Deliverability analysis - Understand the numbers and boost your reach


This session is useful if you have identified some deliverability deviations. A few examples may be:

  • A steady drop in open rates over the last weeks sendouts

  • More soft bounces than you are used to

  • Emails getting delivered later than usual

The goal of the workshop is to help resolving the issues. Prior to the workshop, we will go through your sending pattern together. Then we will analyse your sendouts and the statistics, aiming for guiding you towards an action plan. When required, Voyado will also assist in getting in contact with involved domains.

Included in the workshop

  • Joint review of current situation

  • Compilation of data

  • Analysis

  • Presentation of findings and recommended solution

Duration and format: depending of the sendout strategy and the type of delivery issues, the analysis time can vary. Generally, Voyado needs a timespan of 3-5 days to plan in and conduct the analysis. The result will then be presented in a shorter workshop manner, that will be held online (for the moment)

Price and booking: Please contact your Client Manager for quotation

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