Workshop - Segmentation tool - Identify and boost selected segments

Segmentation is the key to success in CRM marketing. How well are your segments defined? Do you want to bring relevance into your communication and differentiate messages, but don't really know how to get started?

Join our workshop to get a better understanding of the segmentation tool, how to set up segments, target audiences, labels including how and when to use them. We will also review the differences between these alternatives. We'll walk through the search criteria options and look into how to combine them.

This workshop will be adapted to your segmentation needs and objectives.

Duration: 2-3 hours, depending on your input

Target group: Intermediate level

Format: Instructor led - only online for the moment

Price and booking: Please contact your Client Manager

  • You have been up and running for a while

  • One week ahead of the workshop, you'll provide an idea of what type of segments and/or target audiences you want to build. The input helps us to make necessary preparations and to verify feasibility.

  • Set-up of segments and target audiences will be made in your production environment, enabling you to get started right after the workshop


Step1: Recap of functionality and possibilities

  • Search: possible search criteria options, what data is available and why. We'll also show you how to add conditions to narrow the segments.

  • Criteria's all/any/none: difference between the criteria's, when to use and how to combine them.

  • Add criteria and/or group: difference between the criteria's, when to use and how to combine them.

  • Labels: area of use, how to add or remove.

  • Segment: area of use, how to create and how to categorize them. We will also look into how to change criteria's, and where to find the segment when you’re about to send a newsletter or text message

  • Target audiences: area of use, how to create and change them. We'll also show you where to use them in reports, and how to include them as recipients in a newsletter or text message.

Step 2: Practical work

  • Based on your input, we’ll create segments together and target audiences in your production environment

  • After the workshop you will be ready to start working with the new segments and target audiences

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