Workshop - Marketing Automation - Improve your customer journeys

Do you want to improve the one-to-one dialogue with your customers? Do you want to be even more relevant when it comes to timing and content? Thanks to marketing automation you can take advantage of the power of data and interact with a personal touch and respond to customer actions in real-time.

If now is the time to set new goals and review your current automations, we recommend you to book a workshop and we will help you get started.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Target group: Intermediate level

Format: Instructor led, only online for the moment

Booking and price: Please contact your Client Manager

Our workshop gives you a better understanding of the automation tool in Voyado and it's possibilities. We will look into how and when to use different triggers and activities, and we will also talk about the importance of correct entering conditions and how to set them up.

  • You have been up and running for a while in Voyado

  • One week ahead of the workshop, you'll provide an idea of what type of automations you would like to build, supplemented with a description of purpose for each flow. The input helps us to make necessary preparations and to verify feasibility

  • Set-up of automations will be made in your production environment, with placeholders for communication. The content will be inserted by you afterwards.


Step 1: Review of input

  • We'll start with reviewing your input, to ensure we understand your needs and desired outcome.

  • We'll also suggest amendments if we have found other ways to fulfill the purpose.

Step 2: The tool

  • A recap of functionality, possibilities and some inspirational examples of how triggers and activities could be combined.

  • Review of different triggers, entering conditions and different options, such as activities, splits, insert promotions, assignment of reward points etc.

Step 3: Practical work

  • Based on your input, we’ll set-up the automations together with placeholders for content, in your production environment

  • After the workshop you're almost ready to activate the automations. You just have to ensure that they are supplemented with relevant content, and that all promotions are activated. Then you're ready to go!

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