Workshop - Get started with predictive scoring

Use predictive scoring to get proactive. The model will help you identify customers who are showing a healthy interest in you, those who are starting to decline or the ones that are about to leave you.

Contact us today to learn more about how to get started with the predictive model in Voyado.

There are 3 main prerequisites to go ahead:

  • Access to the predictive scoring module in Voyado

  • You have at least 12 months of customer data (the model needs historical data to be fruitful)

  • Know how to administrate the feature in Voyado, and a campaign idea

We offer you a workshop that helps you start working with the model.

Target group: Voyado user, intermediate level

Format: Instructor Led, only online for the moment

Duration: 2-3 hours

Price and booking: Please contact your Client Manager

About the workshop

During this session we'll introduce you to the predictive model, and walk through the feature that'll help you identify and act on churning customers before it is too late. We'll also provide you with inspirational examples of how to process them.

At the end of the session we'll login to Voyado to jointly set up new target audiences and automated flows.


Step 1: Walk through

  • Voyado predictive scoring model

  • The plan

  • Target Audiences

  • Marketing Automation

  • Campaign and test approach

Step 2: Set-up in Voyado

  • Jointly set up of target audiences and automated flows in Voyado

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