Workshop - Get started with Voyado Online Ads

Sharpen your marketing performance with Voyado Online Ads. Sync Voyado segments to your ad accounts and target ads towards your contacts in Facebook's and/or Google's user base. Or take advantage of "Lookalike audiences” based on your existing customers characteristics and reach new high potential prospects.

We offer you a workshop series that will help you get started. It's divided into three sessions and held at three different occasions.

There are 3 main prerequisites to get started:

  • Administration rights to Facebook and Google ad accounts

  • The Voyado Online Ads module must be activated in Voyado

  • Know how to administrate the feature in Voyado, and have a campaign idea

Target group: Voyado user, intermediate level, and if possible joined by a stakeholder with social media responsibility (e.g. eCom mgr. or marketing mgr.)

Price and booking: Please contact your Client Manager

Workshop series

Part 1: Introduction

During this session we'll walk through the feature and talk about possibilities and benefits. We'll also provide you with useful examples of how to increase reach, by combining Voyado with social channel data.

  • Introduction to Voyado Online Ads

  • Technical prerequisites

  • Inspirational and useful examples

    • Related products

    • Refill

    • Win-back

    • Acquisition

  • What to prepare for next session

Duration: 1-2 hours

Format: Instructor led, only online at the moment

Part 2: Get started

During this session, we'll help you set up campaigns or automations, based on your input.

Duration: 2 hours

Format: Instructor led, only online for the moment

Part 3: Follow-up

A check-in to understand how well the campaigns have worked so far, and if we need to make any adjustments.

Duration: 1 hour

Format: Online-check-in



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