If you are running a reward program, there is a promotion in Engage that can be used for special campaigns. This is for when you want to treat your customers a little extra under a given period of time by assigning extra points on purchases besides the standard ones.

You can set up if you want the extra points assigned to everyone in your contact base, specific segments or perhaps to specific purchases within a product category. When setting up the promotion you can choose between two calculation methods for the extra points, a Factor, or a Fixed point per article.

If you use a "Factor", you can decide what value the purchase sum should be multiplied with.

Example: Value 2 would give double and value 3 would give triple the purchase sum in reward points. If you would set the value to 1.3, it would give 30 % of the purchase sum in extra points.

Fixed point per article
If you choose "Fixed point per article" you can give a fixed number of points per item on the receipt. Example: If you set the value to 10, each item on the receipt will give 10 extra points.


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