Are you using Depict to create a personalized online experience with product recommendations? Then you might be interested in using that functionality in your email communication as well.

Engage has a standard connection with Depict making it easy for you to drag and drop a Depict module into your emails. Decide which type of recommendation and market to use, by changing the Type (default “normal”) and Market parameters, in the Engage email editor.

The email module

The Depict module is a dynamic module that displays images in a three to four column design (depending on your choice).

The module collects and automatically populates one image containing the product picture and one below containing the product name, description, and price. The module is completely based on images and does not contain any text fields.

This means that the configuration is managed in Depict (e.g., name, price, font, and size) and Engage simply populates it.



Just drag and drop the Depict module in your email editor, and if needed, change the Type and Market.

Content population

The Depict module will be loaded with content when the recipient opens the email. This means that the content can vary if the customer opens the same email multiple times during a longer period.

Talk to your Account Manager if you are interested in adding a dynamic Depict module.

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