How can we automatically engage an inactive customer again?

Some of your customers may change their purchase pattern over time. This guide will show you how to work with automated workflows to track and re-activate customers with declining purchase behavior. 

Follow this step-by-step guide to set up marketing automation that covers:

  • How to activate the automated flow by using the trigger Scheduled selection  
  • Recommended entry conditions for the re-activation dialogue
  • How to assign and remove a label that enables tracking in other communication 
  • How to assign a multi-channel offer
  • How to prioritize channels, where email is the first choice and SMS second
  • How to send a reminder to customers who haven't redeemed their offer
  • How to name and activate the automation

About Scheduled selections

This trigger is useful when none of the default triggers covers your needs and you want to start an automated flow based on available data in the Segment builder (e..g. contact fields, transactions, interactions in emails, promotions, etc.) The automation will be triggered when a contact or a group of contacts matches the search criteria.

The trigger differs from other default ones in Voyado, mainly in two ways:

1. Flexibility. You have the possibility to decide entry criteria, meaning you can include contacts that aren't covered by the other triggers. 

2. Considers history. As soon as you activate it, all contacts that match the selected criteria will enter the automation. It also considers historical data, in opposition to the other default triggers that only include contacts that start to match the criteria from the day you activate it. This might result in a large number of entering contacts from day one, and this is one of the reasons why Voyado needs to monitor the selection to ensure your desired automation doesn't get hick-ups.



The first thing you need to do is to provide Voyado Support with information about desired entry criteria. This is something we help you to set up since you don't have access to the function. Follow the steps below to ensure a smooth process from start. 


Step-by-step guide

1. Entry conditions 

The automation will be based on the trigger "Scheduled selection"



Provide Voyado Support with information about desired entry conditions according to the instructions below.

1.  Start automation when

a) Select what time and date it shall start

b) Select how often, choose between:

  • once a day
  • once a week
  • once a month
  • once a year
  • once

2. The contact must fulfill the following criteria

This is where you select what customers shall be included. 

To provide this information to Voyado Support we recommend you to use the segmentation tool and make a screenshot of the desired segment. 

Otherwise, we ask you to provide us with a detailed description of the segment.

In this case, we will ensure they:

  • are members
  • are reachable by email
  • have made a purchase the last year, but have been inactive the latest 6 months
  • We will also exclude our new members for the latest 6 months.

3. Start frequency

Just like all other triggers, the entry criteria are flexible and you can choose how often a contact can enter the automation. Please also provide us with desired start frequency.

The entry criteria are now done.











2. Assignments

Set label

We want to track all members who have entered this automation since we also want to have the option to identify them in other communication. We, therefore, start off by assigning a label. Use the symbol + and the function Ad activity.



  1. Choose Set label
  2. Decide which label you will use or create a new one
  3. Click OK.

Assign multi-channel promotion

In order to re-activate inactive customers, we will assign a promotion to inspire them to visit us again.  


  1. Use the + function and Add activity
  2. Choose Assign a multi-channel promotion
  3. Choose your multi-channel promotion
  4. Click OK.

(You need to have an integration with your POS or ERP system to use multi-channel promotions. Contact your client manager if you have any questions.)



This is how the automation looks like in this stage:


3. Communication 

We will now send emails to contacts that are reachable by email.


  1. Use the + function and Add activity
  2. Choose Send email
  3. Choose an already existing email or create a new one
  4. Click OK.


4. Redeemed promotion?

After 7 days we will follow up if the contact has redeemed the promotion. If not, we will send a reminder.


  1. Use the + function and Add time delay
  2. Enter how long time after the send out you will wait
  3. Click OK.




We will now separate those who have used the promotion from those who haven’t.


  1. Use the + function and Add condition
  2. Search for the condition “has used promotion”
  3. Choose the one you assigned in the beginning - click OK
  4. Click OK.



This is how the automation looks like in this stage:


5. Reminders

We will send a reminder to contacts who haven’t redeemed yet


  1. Use the + function and Add activity
  2. Choose Send email
  3. Choose an already existing email or create a new one
  4. Click OK.


Now we have finalized the automation and can remove the label from customers.


  1. Use the + function and Add activity
  2. Choose remove label
  3. Choose the used label
  4. Click OK.





Name the automation


By clicking the dots in the upper right corner, you can change the name and a supplementary description for internal understanding. 



The automation is now done and you can save and activate it.


Curious about how to analyze the results of the automation? Read more here


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