Do you know what kind of promotions your customers prefer? Or what type of content that will optimize the results of your campaign? The only way to find out is by testing and analyzing. 

Creating test groups in Voyado is a very flexible way to perform tests by easily splitting your segmentation into 2-5 test groups.

Your first step is to create a hypothesis and define why and what to test, after that, it's time to get started. Use the Segmentation tool to find the segmentation you want to target or choose one of your existing segmentations and select Create Test Scenario.

This allows you to split your segment into 2-5 test groups. The groups will be randomly selected and you can decide if you want the size of the groups to be equal or unequal.

Equally sized groups

Groups of equal size are often easier to analyze and can for example be used if you want to test different types of promotions. This can give you useful insights on how to get customers in a specific segmentation to react and buy. Example:

Group Size Test version
Group A 25% Get 10% off
Group B 25% Buy 3 for 2
Group C 25% Free delivery
Group D 25% Buy 1 and get a secret gift

Unequally sized groups

Groups that vary in size can for example be relevant if you want to manually perform an A/B/C-test and send out three different types of content to three small groups from the same segmentation, analyze sales/open rate/click rate and then send the final and best-performing communication to the larger group. Example:

Group Size Test version
Group A 10% Content idea 1
Group B 10% Content idea 2
Group C 10% Content idea 3
Group D 70% The version that resulted in the highest open-rate

How to create a test scenario group

There are two ways of creating test scenario groups in Voyado. 

By entering the segmentation tool:


1. Head into Targeting > Segmentation toool

2. Choose a saved segmentation or build your new segment 

3. Click the Action button in the top right corner

4. Click Create test scenario


5. Give your test scenario a name, define the number of groups, the group sizes, and save your test scenario by clicking Save

By entering the list of saved segmentations or target audiences:


1. Head into Targeting > choose a saved segmentation or target audience

2. Hover over the segmentation or target audience you want to base your test scenario on, click the three dots that appear when hovering

3. Choose Create test scenario


4. Give your test scenario a name, define the number of groups, the group sizes, and save your test scenario by clicking Save

When your groups are saved, they're ready to be used in your campaign. Create your communication and/or promotions as you normally would and select recipients using Segmentation > Special field > Test scenarios to choose your group for each version.

Follow up your test results and get insight by using the Test Scenario report

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