Code promotions on member pages

Code promotions are mainly used for online shopping where you usually have a field to enter discount codes in the customer checkout. However, it is important to know that there is no link between the ecommerce & Voyado for this. You need to ensure that the codes are in both systems, the most common scenario being that the codes are created in the ecommerce and then fed into the promotion in Voyado.

You can create promotions with unique codes for each recipient or the same code for everyone. The codes can be date-controlled or valid until further notice.

Basic settings

When you have member pages linked to Voyado you can potentially make the promotion available there as well. In this case, you specify which ones will be assigned to this offer via their member page. This, of course, does not prevent you from also sending out the offer via an email message, it is still not possible to use the promotion code more than once per member, if you have not chosen Unique date-controlled codes per recipient.

The name is only for identifying the promotion internally in Voyado. If you do not set an end date, the offer applies until further notice.

Code settings 

If you use unique codes, it is important to make sure that you fill it in with so many codes that there is no risk of running out, taking into account the size of the selection group which you intend to send the offer to. We do not show the code in plain text when using personalization in a message, but in a link that leads to a page where we show the code, therefor a code is only used when recipients click on the link. It is on this page that User instructions are displayed, Activation text is the link text itself that appears in the email message.

When selecting Unique date-controlled codes per recipient, the recipient can retrieve a new code after the time period specified (1 week - 24 months).

Make sure you don't run out of codes!

There are no warnings linked to the lack of codes so it can be a good idea to check the used vs. available codes periodically, at least for longer campaign periods or when you have the offer in several messages. One can easily add additional codes when needed.

How to upload codes for your Code promotions

  1. Go in to the Promotions tab from left side menu in Voyado
  2. Click Active in the Promotions list and in the next step click New promotion in the top right corner
  3. Choose Code promotion
  4. Enter promotion details, such as promotion name, validity dates and Code settings of your choice.
  5. Upload a list of codes by clicking Add codes at the bottom of the page
  6. Paste your code or a list of unique codes in the popup window, one coder per row, and finish by clicking Add codes
  7. Save and activate your Code promotion

Use Code promotions in emails

When you want to communicate the promotion via email, you use the personalization function to select the link to retrieve the code. This way, a code is only redeemed if the recipient clicks on the link.

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