Create a personal data extract

Integrity is important to us at Voyado. We want your customers to always feel safe in how their personal data is processed. Therefore, we've made it easy for you to extract anyone's data when needed.

To create a personal data extract, go to Contacts and search for the desired contact.

On the contact card you can then create a registry extract by clicking the button Personal data extract. It can take up to 30 minutes before the extract is compiled, and you’ll receive an email when the file is ready for export. Note that if a contact has requested to be deleted, you must wait to do so until the data extract is done.

When the extract is complete, you can find it on the tab Personal data extract on the contact card. All customer data is saved as a zip archive and can be downloaded from here. The file is exported as a CSV which is easily read in Excel. If you are unsure how to do this, please follow this guide: Loading CSV files in Excel

Under Contacts there is a collection page for all registry extracts that have been created, and it's also possible to download registry extracts if there are any.

Read about our general approach to GDPR here.

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