Multichannel promotions can be set up to be redeemed both in-store and online. You can use them to reward customers, base them on previous purchases, or assign them based on any type of customer data. This makes it possible for you to stay relevant to your customers.

You can easily create and assign multichannel promotions to full segments and individual contacts in Engage. Therefore, they’re also referred to as personal offers.

This type of promotion is only accessible if you have an integration with your POS, e-com, or if you use the Engage POS Accelerator. If you want to know more about this, reach out to your Account Manager.

Create a new multichannel promotion

  1. Click Promotions in the left-hand menu and choose any of the available options.
  2. Click New promotion in the upper right corner and select Multichannel promotion.
  3. Make your settings as below and finish by clicking Save and eventually Activate.

Name it

Give your multichannel promotion a name for identification and information in the POS window and for internal identification in Engage. Make sure that the campaign is easy to identify, preferably with dates as there can be many similar offers active over time. Also, make management as simple as possible for your cashier staff.

Validity settings

Set the validity for the promotion, based on calendar dates.

  • The start date is mandatory. If you set a future start date, the offer isn't sent to the POS/POS Accelerator/e-com before this date, but is scheduled just like an email message.
  • The end date is not mandatory. It's possible to have an offer active until further notice and set an end date later. If you want to end the campaign immediately, go to the promotion and click on Deactivate.
  • A limited validity period from the send-out time is usually for when the same promotion is to be assigned and communicated to different contacts at different times, e.g., when it's included in an automation.

Channel and promotion type

Decide if the promotion can be redeemed in-store, online, or both.

  • Toggle Can be used in store to make the offer available to utilize via the checkout. Here you can also add cash register instructions.
  • Toggle Can be used online to make the offer available to use online.

Set which type of discount you want to offer per channel.

  • Monetary discount or Discount in percent can in some cases be interpreted by the cashier/e-com/POS Accelerator.
  • Manual instruction is displayed in the POS window and is primarily for those who use the POS Accelerator.
  • External Promotion code is an ID for connecting with current campaign in POS window/e-com. In this case, Engage has no knowledge of what the offer itself contains, but the logic is controlled by cashier/e-com.



Below the basic settings you can add information to display on an external website/e-com, e.g., for when you want to display personal offers on “My pages” or in emails. Enter an eye-catching title and a short description with a call to action. You may also upload an image to go with the copy.

Learn more about how to show personal offers in emails here.


Once you've saved the promotion, you can find it under Drafts as an inactive promotion. To assign it, you must first Activate the promotion in the upper right corner (see image abow). Then the promotion is moved from Drafts to Active promotions.

If you haven't assigned an active promotion to any recipients yet, you can move it back to Drafts by clicking Deactivate.

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