Multi-channel promotions

You can easily create and assign multi-channel promotions to segments and contacts in Voyado, therefore it is also called personal offers. They can be used to reward customers, be based on previous purchases or assigned based on any type of customer data. This makes it possible to stay relevant to your customers and only spend money on the ones you truly believe in. 

This type of offer is only possible if you have an integration with your POS, ecom or if you use Voyado Loyalty Bar. If you want to know more about this feel free to reach out to your Client manager.

Basic settings

The name of your promotion is for identification and information in the cash window and internal identification in Voyado. Make sure that the campaign is easy to identify, preferably with dates as there can be many similar offers over time. Also, make the management of it as simple as possible for your cashier staff.

Validity settings

The validity settings is based on calendar dates.

  • The start date is mandatory - If you set a future start date, the offer is not sent to POS/Loyalty bar/ecom before this date, but the offer is scheduled just like an email message.
  • The end date is not mandatory It is possible to have an offer active until further notice and set an end date at a later date. If you want to end the campaign immediately, you go to the offer and click on deactivate.
  • A limited validity period from the time of send-out - It is usually used when the same promotion is to be assigned and communicated to different contacts at different times, e.g. when it is used in an automation.


  • Able to use in a physical store - This is mandatory to set-up to make the offer available to utilize via the checkout. Here we can also add cash register instructions.
  • Able to use online - This is mandatory to make the offer available to use online.

Promotion type

  • Discount in SEK, discount in percent - Can in some cases be interpreted by cash/ecom/Voyado Loyalty Bar
  • Manual Cash Instruction - Primarily for those who use the Voyado Loyalty Bar
  • External Promotion code - Id for connecting with current campaign in cash / e-commerce. In this case, Voyado has no knowledge of what the offer itself contains, but the logic is controlled by cash register/e-commerce.


This data can be accessed via our API for presentation on external web/ecom, e.g. when you want to show personal offers on "My pages" or when you want to show personal offers in emails. Learn more about how to show personal offers in emails here


When you save the promotion, you can find it under drafts as an inactive promotion. In order to assign it, the promotion must first be activated, then the promotion is moved from drafts to active promotions.

As long as you haven't assigned a promotion to any recipients, you can move the promotion back to drafts by clicking deactivate.


It is possible to assign the same promotion multiple times and it is up to you if you want to assign the promotion manually or from an automation (or maybe both?).  When you perform a manual assignment to a segment, all contacts that meet the criteria at the time of the assignment will get promotion. If you want to assign the promotion to new contacts as they match the criteria over time you need to assign it from an automation.

Assign manually

Once you have activated the offer, you can choose to assign the offer to any recipient. Press the Assign button, which will lead you to selecting recipients you want to include or exclude. Create your selection and press the Assign button.

An assignment of any promotion will only look at actual days (24 hours). This means that a promotion with a general end date will be active until 23:59:59 on that specific date. E.g. if you choose "Limit validity period from the send time" and assign a promotion with a one day validity it will be valid the day of the assignment and until 23:59:59 the day after.

If the start date has occurred, the offer will be activated immediately, otherwise it will be scheduled. The contacts will have the offer assigned to them in Voyado and if you use Voyado Loyalty Bar, the campaign will be displayed there as well. 

Assign from automation

An active store/cash promotion can always be sent via an automation. However, there are some details to consider:

  • Make sure to limit the validity period from the time of dispatch
  • Make sure to remove it from the automation before you finish the campaign
  • Remember not to enter the validity period in the field Promotion text, the correct validity period is automatically supplemented at the time of dispatch.

Don't forget to communicate! 📢

A multi-channel promotion should preferably be communicated via email or SMS in order for the customer to be aware of it.

The offers are now available in the cash window for the assigned customers, but they won't know about it until you communicate it to them. Just remember to send it to those who have actually been awarded the offer, so you do not create annoyance at the checkout!

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