Introduction to promotions

Voyado supports a number of different types of promotions that can be sent / assigned to specific contacts, selections or audiences. Which one you can use depends on your specific setup of Voyado. Talk to your customer representative or send an email to if you are interested in using Voyado to create and send promotions.


Code promotions

You can create code promotions with the same code for all, unique codes per recipient and date control or let the codes apply until further notice. This type of promotion is usually communicated via a send-out but can also be communicated via an automation. Read more about Code promotions here

Multi-channel promotions (store & ecom)

You can create and assign multi-channel promotions to specific members or all when relevant. These will be visible in Voyado Loyalty Bar and in your own when such integration has been made and offers can be redeemed from the cash window. Read more about Multi-channel promotions here

Mobile swipes

This is an offer form that today is primarily communicated via SMS, either via manual send-outs or via automation. One communicates a link that leads to a designed mobile page that presents the actual offer with a swipe to redeem. Manual handling in cash register is required. Read more about Mobile swipes here

Reward vouchers

Vouchers are handled manually and, depending on how your model is set up, you either empty all earned points and translate into the corresponding monetary value or sum up points based on a step model and then send out vouchers with fixed amounts. Read more about Vouchers here


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