How to convert reward points to vouchers

This article is only relevant if you have a rewards program in Engage. If you are interested in this or need to know how your voucher model works, contact your Account Manager or the support team.

You can change reward points into vouchers either manually or automatically. Depending on how your model is set up, you either convert all earned points into the corresponding monetary value, or sum up points based on a step model and then send out vouchers with fixed amounts.

The reward model also dictates the minimum number of points required for voucher payouts. If a member has not accrued the minimum number of points, they will not be eligible for payment.

The value of the voucher can be displayed in € or in your main currency. 

Create vouchers (single payout)

  • Names
    Names are for identification and information in the POS Accelerator, and internal identification in Engage. Make sure that your campaign is easy to identify, preferably with dates in the name, as there can be many similar campaigns over time.

  • Valid to
    This defines the validity period of the voucher. The voucher will become valid upon creation and will expire on the specified date.

  • Number of vouchers
    You can choose to convert all eligible points to vouchers, or limit the number of vouchers per contact.

  • Selections 
    Here you can choose whether to include all contacts, or a defined segment.

  • Reward calculation (estimate)
    You can determine the expected number of vouchers by viewing the count of members with a points balance exceeding a specific threshold.

  • Communicate vouchers via email 
    The most common way to communicate to your customers that they have a voucher is through email. You can do this by adding a voucher module into your email template. You can also load vouchers amounts and expiration dates via a personalization field.

  • Vouchers in cash window
    If Engage has been integrated with your POS system or if you use Engage's POS Accelerator, the voucher will appear here.

Configure reward voucher generators

If you are using reward vouchers, you might prefer a more dynamic setup. By creating a reward voucher generator, vouchers will be generated automatically, without you having to make any requests. You can choose to generate vouchers with different intervals, once a day, once a week or once a month, whatever suits your needs.

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The same settings apply for the generator as when you create a single reward voucher payout. You need to specify the name, the validity period and choose whether all the contact's points should be converted to vouchers or not.

When the generator is activated, it will function automatically, creating new reward vouchers according to its given configuration.

You'll find this in Engage under Engagement / Promotions / Reward voucher generators.

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