How to convert reward points to vouchers

This article is only relevant if you have a reward program managed in Engage. If you are interested in this or need to know how your voucher model works, you can contact your Account Manager or the support team.

You convert reward points to vouchers manually and, depending on how your model is set up, you either empty all earned points and translate them into the corresponding monetary value or sum up points based on a step model and then send out vouchers with fixed amounts.

The reward model also determines what the minimum points are for the vouchers to be paid out. If you haven't reached the minimum number of earned points you'll not be included in the payment.

Create vouchers 

  • Names
    Names are for identification and information in the POS Accelerator and internal identification in Engage. Make sure that your campaign is easy to identify, preferably with dates as there can be many similar campaigns over time.

  • Applies to and from
    This is the validity period of the voucher.

  • Selections 
    Here you can choose whether to include all contacts, or a defined segment.

  • Reward calculation (estimate)
    To estimate how many vouchers will be created you'll see here how many members have a points balance over a certain level.

  • Communicate vouchers via email 
    The most common way to communicate to your customers that they have a voucher is via email. You can do this by adding a voucher module into your email template.

    You can also load vouchers amounts and expiration dates via a personalization field.

  • Vouchers in cash window
    If we have integrated with your POS system or if you use Engage's POS Accelerator, the voucher will appear here.
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