The Email Statistics Export is a flexible tool that allows you to further analyze the results of your send-outs.

The export gives a detailed and in-depth insight into how your emails have performed over time or during a specific period. You have the opportunity to decide for yourself which fields are to be included in the export, and you can also measure sales by email or overall sales for a period. The report can thus be adapted completely to your own needs and wishes!

To produce the export

Go to Administration > Export/Import and choose New export > Email statistics

  1. Select messages
    When the date span is set, the number of messages is presented at the bottom. In order to include sales statistics, choose to Calculate actual and projected sales per message.
  2. Select fields
  3. Take out export file

Reports with a large amount of data take more time to download, but it is possible to leave the page, the report works in the background and is available to download when it is finished!

Want to find your previous exports?

No problemo! We do not delete any exports, all of your exports on the user account are listed on the export homepage.

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