Test scenarios follow-up report

Are you using test scenarios in Engage? This follow-up report can be really helpful when you want to analyze the outcome of them. A test scenario is created via the segment builder and can be used to manually perform tests between a maximum of five different groups.

Read more about test scenarios here.

Start by picking your test scenario and select the time frame you want to measure (1-6 days or 1-–2 weeks from the date you pick). Choose between following up on all sales, sales in physical stores or sales in e-commerce.

These are the results presented for each test group:


    • Total number of contacts
    • Received email
    • Opened email
    • Clicked in email
    • Received SMS/Swipe
    • Have made purchases

Calculated metrics (Effect data)

    • Total number of respondents
    • Purchases per respondent
    • Average receipt
    • Total sales

It's possible to extrapolate values in test groups to get comparable results.

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